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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you on 11/9/2001

Someone on twitter was asking, "Where were you on 11/9/2001". That day, I was in Chandigarh. On my way back from work, I stopped by my regular dhaba for a cup of tea and till that time I was having no clue what ever happened in America that day.
The owner of that dhaba, whom we called "Uncle Ji", was a strange man, little psycho and was quite talkative. As soon as I entered the place, he told me that the world war has started and the America is under attack. I was not sure how to react to his news. Then after spending almost half hour on the news channel, I was able to make out what exactly happened in America that day

Honestly speaking, that was just a sensational news for me and many of us in India. We realized a powerful country like America is also vulnerable. However, that day we also hoped that the world will understand what India has been going through and perhaps will empathize with our pain

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