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Sunday, October 9, 2011

RIP Jagjit Singh

I was in 10th grade. One of my school friends shared with me an audio cassette. The album "Birah Da Sultan", Shiv Kumar Batalvi, sung by Jagjit Singh. And this was how life introduced me to Jagjit Singh's voice

That started my love affair with Gazals. For me, Gazals have always been synonym to Jagjit Singh. For all these years of my life, I listened and sang Jagjit Singh and Jagjit Singh only. Countless Gazals that became my favorites.

Someone once told me, that there are two phases in life, when they will definitely love his Gazals, first love or first heart break. I don't know which one is applicable for me.

Mirza Ghalib by Jagjit Singh is the album which has always been part of my playlist

Today morning, when I heard that Jagjit has left all of us, I knew that the music world will never be the same again.

Rest in peace Jagjit Singh and thanks for giving me so many good memories

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