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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dil Ka Hujra Saf Kar

Dil Ka HujraSaf Kar


It is said that oneMuslim devotee Sheikh Taqi was coming back from Haj with a group of otherdevotees. Since the journey was too long they had to break their journey forthe night. They pitched their tents in an open field, which happened to be nextto an ashram of Hindu saint named Tulsi Saheb. When Tulsi Saheb learnt thatpilgrims of Haj were resting outside the ashram, he could not resist fromcomposing the following couplet in urdu language to remind them that they werewasting their time and energy

Dil ka hujra saf kar, jana ke ane ke liye,
Dhyan gairo ka utha uske bithane ke liye.

Cleansethe chamber of your heart, so that the Beloved may enter,
Removeall the foreign impressions, so that He can take His seat there.

Chashme dil se dekh yaha jo jo tamashe ho rahe,
Dilsita kya kya hai tere dil satane ke liye.

Seewith the heart's eye the astonishing spectacle of this world,
Whatheart ravishing scenes appear there to entice you.

Ek dil lakho tamnna us pai aur zyada havis,
Phir thikana hai kaha uske tikane ke liye?

Oneheart, with many desires, and always the lust for more,
Whereis there any place for the Lord to come and reside?

Nakali mandir masjido me jae sade aphosa hai,
Kudarati masjid ka sakin dukh uthone ke liye.

Itis a great pity that, going in the false [imitation] temples and mosques,
Theindweller of the true mosque [the human body] is made to suffer.

Kudarati kabe ki tu maharab me sun gaur se,
A rahi dhur se sada tere bulane ke liye.

Weshould listen with attention in the prayer niche of the true Kaaba,
Thesound is coming from the Court of the Lord and is calling you.

Kyo bhatkata phir raha tu e talashe yar me,
Rasta shah rag me hai dilvar pai jane ke liye.

Whyare you wandering around lost in search of the Beloved?
Theway to reach the charming one lies through the shah rag.

Murshade kamil se mil sidak aur saburi se taki.
Jo tujhe dega faham shah rag ke pane ke liye.

Odevotee, meet the Perfect Master with sincerity and patience.
Hewill give you the secret to find the shah rag.

Goshe batin ho kushada jo kare kuch din amal.
La ilaha allahu akbar pai jane ke liye.

Ifyou do the practice for a few days, the inner way will open before you.
Itis the path to reach Allah, the One God, the Most High.

Yah sada Tulsi ki hai amil amal kar dhyan de.
Kun kuran me hai likha allahu akbar ke liye.

Thisis the call of Tulsi: O practitioner, do the practice with concentration.
Thekun [Shabd] described in the Koran, will take you to Allah, the Most High.

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