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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Callous DNA

"Callous,indifferent, self-centered cowards - that's all we are.  Wonder how we gotdemocracy"

Someone tweeted this on twitter and I realized, that for some time now, I havebeen thinking exactly the same thing, about us, Indians

When I was a child, my grandfather used to tell me stories from our independencemovement. And I often wondered how brave heart were those people, who weredriven by one common cause; India's independence. The passion, so strong, thatthey were happily willing to sacrifice everything, including their lives, forthe cause they believed in. To me, sacrificing one’s life, is perhaps the mostdifficult thing to do. 
Not just independence,there are numerous other examples, where people stood together, for each other,to fight against the common cause

Today, almost 64 years later, all of us have become so selfish and indifferent,that any issue, no matter how big it is, if is not impacting us, will not matterto us.  At the maximum, we may voice our support using the easiest ofmeans or channels (internet, social media, twitter, Facebook etc.)

Most of us are guided by the logic that as a very small individual, we will notmake any difference to the situation. Moreover, we have our own worries, life,office, family to support and where is the time for all such things? And it is,anyways, not impacting us, so why should we bother. Number of victims,therefore, soon becomes some statistics for us. They may spur some anger,frustration initially but soon we are back to normal, and then these becomejust numbers in a newspaper

I heard somewhere, that in some western countries, people, if they reach earlyto their offices will park cars farthest in the office parking. This is for theease of their colleagues who might get late for office. I cannot imagine suchthings here in our country. We are kind of people, who, if given theopportunity are always ready to jump the queue. If we cannot show such basic courtesiesto our fellow citizens, how we can imagine that we will stand up for them whensome wrong is done upon them

This attitude, somehow,somewhere got imbedded in to our DNA all along the way. We always think ofourselves or our families, and hardly care for others. I am not sure, whatfactors are responsible for this attitude; over population, poverty, limited resources.The seeding perhaps started when our parents/ teachers taught us that there arelimited resources for which we have to compete, be it seats in premier educationinstitutes, or good jobs etc. That in turn led to selfishness

I once tweeted “The problem with most of us, who know that it is wrong and wantthe situation to change, is that we think someone else will come and change itfor us”

I am not sure; however,there are few things that I believe we can do, if we want to become catalystsfor this change. We should stand up and support people who we think arefighting for good cause against the system. It is not possible to change the thingsovernight, however, if we start electing our leaders/ representatives wisely,we will one day see the change we are looking for.

In the movie “rang debasanti”, there is a dialogue which is apt for what I want to say, “There aretwo ways of living a life. One, accept whatever is happening and live. Two,accept the responsibility to change and do it”

This is our country, and we all have to take responsibility to make it abetter place to live for ourselves and for our coming generations